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€32.34 (tax excl.)
Root canal preparation Lubricating and water-soluble gel. Clings to instruments and facilitates mechanical preparation. Makes mechanical reaming easier and faster as EDTA chelates mineral components of dentin....
€41.38 (tax excl.)
Brand: SEPTODONT NEEDLES AND RESUSCITATION Refrigerants Presentation: Boat spray Content: 210 gr. Features: local Cryogenic and test pulp vitality. Diclorotetrafluoretano. Taste mint. Composition:...
€22.99 (tax excl.)
Virucidal. Disinfection and cleaning of strawberries Properties: - Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal - corrosion inhibitor - acts on the Hepatitis B virus, herpes and AIDS Septodon brand, 2-liter bottle p>
€11.75 (tax excl.)
Septoject dental needles used for administration of local dental anesthesia, less trauma to the tissue achieved through a triple-bevel needle, a polished & siliconised canula and an excellent flexibility of the...
€31.53 (tax excl.)
Cleaning fluid for devoloping solutions brand Silverless. Removes stains of silver salts, rust and permanganate on clothing and skin. Non-caustic, non-irritating. It does not cause burns